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About Us

At MATE, we take pride in being an authentic American brand, bringing you the finest in healthy snacking with a touch of Stateside flair. Our journey began in the heart of the U.S., and now, we’re thrilled to share our passion for delicious and nutritious treats with all America.

Imagine a world where healthy snacking isn’t just a boring routine anymore but a joyful experience that supports your well-being. That’s been always our vision when we created MATE. We’ve set out to create a delicious combination of taste and health. No more compromising from your sweet crush.

Our ingredients are 100% real fruit, and all the taste and sugar come from nature. Feel our natural fruit texture on your tongue as if biting on an actual fruit. MATE is more than a snack; it’s your delicious friend on your quest for a healthier lifestyle. We are always ready to be your classMATE, gymMATE, soulMATE. Also, we are really passionate about being the best MATE for you and your loved ones’ lunch boxes.


the taste of nature

with our diverse range

Discover the MATE difference

with these key features

zero added sugaR | no preservatives | no colorants | gluten free | %100 Real fruit || VEGAN | non gmo

Join us to enjoy the delicious blend of taste and health.
Here are your new, delicious, and healthy mate.
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